How Easy It Is To Get Filipina Women?

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Filipina girls are among the most sought after ladies when it comes to friendship, dating, and marriage; as they are beautiful inside and out. The majority of the Filipinas are conservative. They preserve themselves for marriage.

However, you will be surprised if you visit the Philippines because while many still believe that they need to be pure on their wedding day, many are as liberal as the Western women too. In fact, this is one of the countries in Asia where you can easily find a Philippines girl to date and get laid on. Filipina ladies have their kinks as well.

Meeting Filipina Girls

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I have visited the Philippines for a couple of times for a business trip. Since I have to travel alone, I am thinking of meeting someone in the country to accompany me. I have heard from friends who have been in the Philippines that women there are friendly, gorgeous and open to sex.

Initially, I can’t believe that the girls from such a third-world country will be such liberal but yes they are. These girls are smokin’ hot, educated and smart. They are not prostitutes or the types who are forced to do it for the money.

It seems that they do it for fun. They enjoy the pleasure of being banged by White men. Yes, Filipinas adore the Whites. They think that we are rich, intelligent and a great company.

Anyway, back to my trip to the Philippines, I learned that it is indeed very easy to find young and pretty Filipinas in the country. Filipina girls are not that shy as I thought.

They are very outgoing and they are not afraid to join you in your bedroom even if they know what awaits there. To make this write up more effective, I will divide this into two sections. I will share with you how I easily find girls in the Philippines and why Filipinas are easy to get laid.

How to Get Filipino Girls

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During my stay in the Philippines, I noticed that the women there are very friendly. The sales lady at the SM malls, the clerks at the bank, the barista at the Starbucks coffee shop and even the vendors on the sidewalks are all very approachable.

They smile a lot and are always willing to talk with you. Starting a conversation is never a struggle. In the West, the most you can get from the girls are “hi, how are you” or “hi, nice seeing you.”

The conversation doesn’t really take long but Filipinas are very warm and welcoming. They will ask you about your job, your day, what you are doing, how you spent your holiday, where you are from, where’s your next trip and more.

They are bubbly and adorable, which makes the conversation more interesting and fun. So, one of the best ways to meet a Filipina woman is to simply go out and explore the city.

However, there are times when I don’t feel like going out to search the women around me for a potential company. In such times, I take advantage of the online dating sites. Since many find the girls from the Philippines interesting and adorable, there are already a number of sites dedicated for this.

Get to know if Filipino women are good for dating here.

Using Filipina Dating Sites

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Personally, I use Filipino Cupid and Pinalove. These sites allow me to filter my search and look for women near me, which is very convenient.

I preferred paid account because sending messages and chats are unlimited and more features are only accessible when you subscribe to the site.

To win a Filipina women easily, you have to be sweet and flattery. I usually start my message with a compliment about their looks and personality.

Most of them reply right away and a number are even open to meeting on the same day or the next. However, before we meet, I make it clear that I am only looking for a company and will not be staying for long in the country, surprisingly, most of the girls I met online are okay with this.

I also make it clear that if something happens to us it will be a casual sex. When I am horny and wants a fast action, I look for a potential girl and invite her to come over for some fun in exchange of a thousand peso or so. This move also works with a success rate of 1 in every 5 attempts.

What I love more about using dating sites is that it makes meeting young and beautiful ladies so convenient. These dating sites have a huge pool of pretty girls from 18 years old to early 30s.

Filipina women do not mind our age, so at my 40s I can still bang teens or girls who are a decade younger than me or more. I usually prefer younger girls because of their energy and stamina, not to mention they are more fun on the bed.

Whenever I date Filipina girls, I usually treat them on a coffee or we watch movies and close the date in my bedroom. You have to maintain your charm, be funny and of course, be generous, girls love this.

This technique has never failed me. In fact, there are days when I get to meet 2-3 girls in a day and all of them are so much younger than me.

So, whenever I return to the Philippines, I usually look for girls a week or few days before my arrival using the said dating sites. In this way, I can assure myself that I will never be lonely whenever I returned there. My trips to the Philippines have always been fun and enjoyable.

Why Filipino Girls are Easy To Get

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The Philippines is one of the developing countries in Asia. A number of families struggle to survive in their daily living. I personally believe that these girls whom I encountered have different reasons why they 1to date or laid.

1. To meet their needs.

I met a young lady and she told me that she says yes to such call because she wants to finish her studies and her finances are tight. At the time she was already graduating. She said that she doesn’t really want to sound helpless by asking for monetary assistance from strangers.

The good thing about her is that she doesn’t look and sound like she needs money. She enjoys what she does. She is a confident fine lady who is very sure of what she does and what she wants.

2. To try something new.

I also met another pretty woman, who has no financial issues. She has a stable and good paying job. In fact, she doesn’t agree that I have to pay all of our bills during our date. She doesn’t mind spending for the two of us.

I was surprised and as I talk with her, I am impressed because she is as liberated as the Western women but she has the charm that every Filipina women possess.

It is easy to be drawn to her but just like me, she is also not into a serious relationship. We both agreed that we only want a casual sex. She actually did it to just try something new. I’m not sure if there is still another time for the two of us but we clearly enjoy each other’s company.

3. To give into their kink.

If men feel horny, women can also feel the same. I admit that I turn to dating sites to flirt and find someone who can join me in my room and I must admit that there are Filipina women who are also looking for men for the same reason.

I met a number of girls in the Philippines who respond to my call because they also feel randy. ­­In this instances, sex is free and it is more explosive and steamy.

Joining Filipino Dating Sites

I do not want to generalize all the Filipina women but my words and thoughts here are based on my experience. Filipina girls are beautiful, sexy and very friendly. They have a unique charm, bubbly and very fun to be with. If you want to enjoy the same, take advantage of the dating sites like Filipino Cupid, PinaLove, and Cebuanas.

Dating sites like these are very effective in helping you find the woman that you need or want at a particular time of your life.

So, if you are going to the Philippines and you want to make your trip more fun and enjoyable, look for a Filipina woman companion on dating sites.

She will teach you the culture of her country, help you understand the city, introduce you to the food that you need to try on and of course, help you get the bedroom temperature up.

So, what do you think? Is it really easy for foreigners or Westerner men to get Filipino women? Let us know. Share us your experiences in dating Filipinas.

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    • Hi I am Peter 31 yrs from United States. I am looking for Filipino to marry. Anybody interested can message me on what’s app or IMO my no is +919916211521 Thanks for reading and showing interest on me.

  1. True but not in general.I think it’s up to the woman if she wants to do it or not.if it’s true that women here are that easy to get then I think we need moral recovery in this country women should value and respect themselves so that others Specially the men will respect them in return.poverty is not the reason to have sex in exchange for money there is study now pay later program here in the Philippines, she can be a working student, or apply for a scholarship for the poor.

  2. The way the article is wrote. Makes all western men look like sexual terrorist. As dubbed by the Ukrainian,russian, and most other parts of the fsu. Which makes guys like me look bad.

  3. Only filipino women who are less educated resort to dating sites for sex and fun. If you want to experience being with a filipina who’s attractive, smart, finished college with a stable job, who won’t need your money to make her happy, and will love you for who you are, step up your game. Women like that would eventually stop having fun with you after they’ve emptied your pocket.

  4. I’ ll kill a foriegner if I know his purpose is only to get laid with filipina
    whose only dating just on the internet for a few months and never met her in person for at least more than 5 months… You foriegner faggots… filipina are great future wife and must be respected at all times….dont ask to sleep with her if you only met her person for 1 month…. You filipina should be more conservative with a foriegn guys… Nowadays filipina that give in easily and end up crying in the end…. That why foriegner think that all filipinas are easy get laid with…..

    • Hi Juan I am a white Englishman soon to be visiting my online Filipino girlfriend in the Philippines for a month. I have been in communication with her for nearly a year. Filipino women cannot help who they are attracted to. Like all women they like confident & handsome men. Yes they like men with white skin. But not all do.
      If a Filipino women is in love with you. You have no chance of her not wanting to sleep with you. If you wait a month she would think you did not want her. As to agreeing to having sex with you. Mature men know when a women wants you. Do not put a women on a pedestal she wants to be touched & loved. Women are just as sexual as a man. My Filipino woman is a one man woman. I Have respect for my woman. Most of all be honest & truthful with your woman. Try not to hurt them when they love you. A good Filipino wants a relationship & children with you. Not money. I hate sex tourists they are stupid men. One piece of advice for western men. When she tells you she loves you & shows this in many ways. Do not call her your girlfriend she is your lover. Filipino tampo is very real.

    • I hope the proposed bill Republic Act (RA) 4173 for Americans and Australians visa requirement upon entry to our country will finally lay down these fools. We only have to wait for the congress to act on the bill and finally get signed by our President. One more year, brother. Our country has been a den of pedophiles and I hope our politicians today have the right mind and strong will to hammer down these disgusting foreigners. This is one of the changes we’ve been waiting for.

  5. Don’t assume that All filipinas are same.How people respond to you is not based on their nationality but it is very individual.Most Filipinos admire the western culture(this is true)this is the reason why we are accommodating and friendly, but It is not fair to generalize your judgment that Filipinos are easily get laid.They say, like-minded attracts, so I guess you just attracted same asshole as you..

  6. I’ve traveled many times to the Philippines and chicks there are the easiest to get in the whole world. I’m the kind of guy who can stay 6 months without sex in Europe cause I’m not bothered to talk to women or to wait for one week before I can get some sex. But once I’m in the PH, I get laid in no time. First tip: forget Manila. Only hookers there. Manila was great a few years ago but nowadays girls realized they can ask for a month of salary to have sex so they won’t do it for free even if they enjoy it. Go to a province. Girls there are not shy to ask you if you are single when you walk in a mall. A date with a Filipina means sex 99% of the time. Sometimes girls don’t want to fuck but they will feel like they are being rude and they will propose to suck you off instead. No bullshit. The PH is THE place to be if you want to get laid.

  7. Filipino are not as easy as this article makes it sound. Most are not as liberal as he states. And the ones that are probably have a STD so be careful and wrap it up (although you still might get something).

    I have been to the Philippines many times (I now have a house there that I spend my winter at) and my wife is from the Philippines and the women there are either very conservative and save themselves for marriage or they are the exact opposite and may give you more than you have bargained for.

    Oh and I would stay away from southern part of the Philippines at the moment. Muslim terrorists are causing ciaos and the area is under Marshall law.

    • You are right John. They are not easy women to have a sexual relation with. The good Filipino woman wants a long term relationship with you. A British man on a company pension & government pension & a property owner. Is wealthy compared to most Filipino men. He can retire to the Philippines & live very comfortably. The ladies know this. Best to live with your partner in their own home or rent a home. Marrying a lady is stupid until you know her well. If she is a good lady she will wait for you to marry her. Be honest & Truthful. With a lady. If she wants to marry you quickly worry. She may want you for the wrong reasons. Live with the lady first long term. You will know if your lady loves you. Many are beautiful ladies inside & out. Do not talk with other ladies. She has eyes everywhere. They are very possessive over you. Be aware of Tampo. She is not your maid she is your partner. Treat her with respect & love. Cook & clean for her. Make love to her often. They are passionate with the right man. Never cheat on her. You go with a prostitute she will hate you. They are clean women. Many western are only after sex. Be her man.

  8. Hi…am sharing my experience..i just spent 3 weeks in philipines. I read lots of articles on how easy to bang girls in phil..i feel that these guys are not telling the truth..whores are very easy to get like in many other countries and its true that the price is low. All girls on the online sites now ask for money..normal girls are not friendly in manila and difficult to start conversation..those who smile to you are looking for cebu girls are more friendly but they will not accept to come to your hotel unless u play the game longer but who has so much time when in vacation…so my observation is that these guys have been getting easy girls for money and thinking that they have bang so many girls….filipino are no more stupis as years ago


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