Filipino Dating Site Tips: Types of Photos Scammers Use to Bait Foreign Men

Source: Christian Filipina

It’s popular nowadays to hear about spammers in Filipina-Foreign Men dating websites compared to other dating sites. This is due to the fact someone trying to find a partner, like an International guy, is a lot more susceptible to be scammed. There are less details, with little to no encounter on how they conceal behind attractive Filipina women photos.

Getting Your Attention

The primary tool they utilize to entice their lure is by using an extremely eye-catching Filipina photo. More often, an appealing image stands apart in the beginning, since that’s the initial thing they truly intend to do: to get your focus.

When they successful got your attention, and you send a wink, a smile or a message – that becomes the first step, which makes you fall on their trap. Be advised that once they obtain your interest, as well as you open to some interaction, they continue on their next step. This makes you a possible victim. Since it’s quite covert, and also not noticeable in the beginning.

Are You An Expat From the USA?

Connect with real people that can completely associate with what your interested. Not just falling into an eye-catching photo. Hold back sending that emoji wink or smile. It will be clever to hold that strategy and take time to study who is behind that attractive image.

If it’s a genuine Filipina that’s also seeking for love, you should be able to genuinely exchange messages. However, if it’s just a spammer who only intend to rip-off you by hiding behind a Filipina photo, you should know some signs. Here are types of pictures that spammers normally use:

Famous Filipino Celebrity Women

Actress Lovi Poe, Source: GMA7

You’ll be stunned if you’re brand-new in dating websites that famous women celebrities from the Philippines are also used.

If you’re unfamiliar, there are lots of well-known celebrity pictures in Philippines media that you’ll see when browsing the accounts of women members.

Initially, you’ll not recognize that these profiles are just fake accounts. So, it’s advisable to browse through Filipino media outlets.

Be familiar with popular Filipina women celebrities through news articles, as well as their social media profiles.

Not So Quite Famous, New Celebrities, New Models

More so, another trick fake accounts use is to utilize photos from ‘not so famous’ stars or even ‘brand-new celebrities’. Keep in mind that photos in dating websites have genuine Filipina women that seek partners. However, take note also that scammers may also use images from new celebrities, or commercial models.

Since these women are quite new, or not quite famous stars yet, they don’t have much information yet in news media. So, this makes them an ideal love seeker for fake accounts. Be aware of that. The numbers of not so famous celebrity/model pictures used by spammers as lure can be higher compared to well-known celebrity pictures.

Attractive Photos of a Filipino Girl from Photo Sites

Most of the time, scammers may also use images from Photo Sharing sites. They can either buy photos from photographers or just get images from photo albums from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Social Networks.

How To Avoid Scammers and Fake Accounts?

The Web makes it easy today for scammers to make up their plans in setting up accounts. Since Filipino women are generally conservative, you shouldn’t expect a member to post messages with sexual overtones such as “I’m bored” or “I want some fun”. Girls in the Philippines are also timid, shy, and reserved when meeting new people. The best strategy is to take your time in studying Philippines culture, and customs. You may want to know more about potential mates. You can also make use of safety features of dating sites to find genuine love.

What sites have you joined and tell us your experience? We would love to hear your personal stories to serve as inspiration and tips to new dating site members.



  1. I was using the Dating Site Hi5 when one day I received a message from a woman in Davao.We began to skype and have done so every day for the past two years, We are waiting for her to secure her visa to visit the US. Through skype, we have gotten to know each other.She is a fantastic lady.

  2. Thanks for this as I’m talking a young lady from the same city. We only been taking for 6 weeks but she seems very nice

    • More likely than not they are…set up another fake profile in the dating site and sound her out and if shes a cheater blow her out. There are thousands of more girls.

  3. Girls will talk to multiple men until one actually turns up in person they are desperate to get out of the Philippines or at least have someone with some cash available. An example a filipina shacked up in accommodation with a guy it didn’t work out so she went straight back to the dating sites went to Boracay a resort with a younger man then when he left for America for work went to Hong Kong to meet A Swiss guy and married him talk about Gold digging. Her best friend met someone else after gain falling out with her man and she said he’s smaller than I thought but I’ve seen his bank account.
    It all comes down to money and be warned take your time as the poverty culture and family needs will drain every penny of your savings. Fuck them don’t marry them certainly not before you’ve had a look around and getting a girl from a broken family with double your trouble and expenditure.
    Like anyplace their personalities vary so take your time even if your cunt struck your brains been side-lined. There are some genuine girls don’t get me wrong just be aware.


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