Filipina Dating Foreigners: Why Do Filipinas Look For Foreigner Husband and Where To Find One?

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In this day and age, you can find a Filipino, almost anywhere. Some Filipinas work abroad, find their husband there and raise their family there. Aside from them, a number of Filipinas in the Philippines wish to find a foreigner husband too.

If you are a foreigner, do you know a friend dating or married to a Filipina? If you are a Filipina, reading this article, do you also wish to marry a foreigner? This article will help you see the whole picture of Filipina dating foreigners.

Understanding Why Filipinas are Looking for Foreigner Husband

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The Philippines is a developing country and majority of the Filipinos still struggle to make both ends meet. For this reason, you will see a number of families living in slums or beside the streets. Some beg and some steal, the latter causes the rise of the crime rates in the country.

Some girls, young or old can’t afford to let their families go hungry so they take odd jobs. Single moms or mothers and even young women become bar girls. However, aside from sleeping with foreigners, these women also wish to travel abroad and spend a better life with a white man. In fact, there is a rise in the numbers of Filipina looking for foreign husband.

In the Philippines, a woman who married a foreigner is rich. Her neighbors can attest to the progress in her life by the size of her house where her parents and siblings live, the car parked in front of their home, and the packages she sends to her family.

Filipinos are generous, so when she sends a package, her parents will likely share the canned goods, candies and chocolates with their neighbors which only makes the others more jealous. Of course, who doesn’t want the same luxury?

White men are always thought as rich because in their country they are occupying a better house. Even if he only owns a second-hand car, he is still rich because her family way back home does not have wheels. Majority of the Filipinos adore the whites, they worship them.

They believe that there are better opportunities abroad and marrying a foreigner is the easiest ticket to get and live there. Western countries are better than the Philippines and setting foot there or marrying one from there, instantly makes one rich.

For this reason, Filipinas tend to seek love and marriage with white men. However, this does not mean that they will only be using the foreign men to their advantage. When a Filipina woman gets into marriage, she is a lawful wife and a dutiful mother.

She manages her family and takes jobs to send money to her family in the Philippines. Getting a Filipina wife for marriage is a win-win because she is a strong and wise partner, a committed wife, and a responsible mom. This is also one of the reasons why a foreigner wants to marry Filipina.

Filipinas looking for foreign husband

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There is a growing number of Filipinas who prefer to marry foreigners. Aside from financial reasons, some prefer them due to their physical features and built. Filipinos are dark and children born from a Filipina mom or Filipino dad and a foreigner look beautiful. Yes, individuals who are half-Filipino are gorgeous. Their Filipino blood gives them a distinct appearance that makes them more appealing.

There are Pinays who wish to have beautiful children, that’s why they want to marry a foreigner. In fact, I knew a number of Filipina looking for American husband. Some of their friends who married one are living a comfortable life in the United States with cute and adorable children, which inspires them to find an American husband too.

Meanwhile, some girls from the Philippines are looking for a Canadian husband, others Pinays on the other hand, prefer to marry an Australian. In fact, some women include “wanted husband Australia” or “American husband wanted” on their profile, depending on the nationality they prefer. This also helps foreign men decide whether they approach the woman or not, if she has her preferences stated outright.

So where do foreign men find this information and where can Filipina women go to find their way to their future foreigner husband? Check out the next section to be guided accordingly.

Where do Filipina women look for foreign spouses?

For Filipina women looking for foreigners and white men aspiring to marry a pretty Filipina woman, the search is not that hard anymore, thanks to online dating sites.

Yes, there are a number of websites that Filipino women and foreign men can join to find each other. For instance, there is,,,,, and to name a few.

Most of the Filipinas dating foreigners that you see in your areas have gotten their boyfriend or husband from online dating sites. There are tons of incredible love stories from these dating sites.

By “incredible” we meant happy endings and marriages that are built for years. Don’t underestimate the power online dating because this is also a safe way of finding your “the one.”

What Are The Benefits of Joining Filipino Online Dating Sites?

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When you join online dating sites, you have every opportunity of meeting someone that may or may not reach your qualifications. However, the point here is you don’t need to roam around and look for someone because white men are also available online and they are also looking for a Filipina friend, girlfriend or wife. This is the safest way to find your man.

First, you are in your own country and you are with your own family. In short, you are in your comfort zone. The men on the other side of the world can’t harm you in any way. He can’t abuse you and it is only up to you how to filter trustworthy men from scumbags.

Second, going online won’t rip you off. If you already have an internet connection at home and a computer, you can join online dating sites right away. Registration is free, so you don’t have to worry about fees. Also, foreigners won’t ask money from you. In fact, based on the stories, it’s the girls who ask money from the men.

They use the illness of a family member, a job offer that needs money for expenses and some other critical situations to appear helpless and convince their chat mates to send money. Of course, those men felt pity and send over money to girls who may or may not be telling the truth. If you are sincerely looking for men avoid this strategy because men avoid these types of girls.

Third, by the time your man visits the country, you are probably chatting or talking with each other for a couple of months already, which means you already know a lot of stuff about each other.

The trust and love grow because you won’t be spending much time for each other if you don’t have any feelings. You invested time and emotion and if both of you are willing to compromise, things could work well and your dream of marrying a foreign man will soon come true.

So, don’t just sit there and wait to bump into a white man. Be aggressive on your search and start your hunt online. You can compare the top Filipino dating sites here free. 

Filipina Dating Foreigners: How They Look For One Online

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Now, that you know where to search for your future spouse, the next thing that you should learn is to use these sites to your advantage. Begin by looking for foreign friends.

Of course, you need to get to know each other, especially that you don’t live in the same country and you have different cultures. Long distance relationship always starts with friendship, so be open to men who shows interest in you. Be friendly and approachable.

Online dating site gives you access to a pool of men who also wish to find a Filipina woman. However, the search would depend on your enthusiasm to find the man for you. Entertain those men who reach out to you if you feel that he has good intentions.

Get online regularly and update your profile. Upload beautiful photos that will turn men on. Provide honest information about yourself and be honest with your intentions. One day, you will find yourself entertaining only one, meeting him personally and marrying him eventually.

There are already thousands of Filipinas dating and marrying foreigners through dating sites. So, if you are a Filipina who wish to marry an American, Canadian or Australian, take advantage of these online dating sites. For foreigners who wish to get a Filipina wife, join dating sites to meet the woman of your dreams soon.

If you’re a Filipina woman, do you consider dating foreigner men than Filipino guys? Tell us why and share us your thoughts in our comment section. We would love to hear why some Philippine ladies prefer to date men from other countries.



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