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An Updated 2017 Guide to Finding Your Beautiful Filipina in 60 Days or Less:
  • Is she marriage material - 3 tests to give your Filipina to see if she'll make good a girlfriend and/or wife.
  • Is she scamming you - Find out if a Filipino woman is serious with you or just want your money and citizenship
  • How to magnetically attract Filipino women
    Get first hand tips on how to easily attract Filipinas even if you're old, disabled, have different skin color, or your ugly physical appearances.

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Relationship Tips That Specifically Help Foreigners Dealing With Filipinas

Chapter 1: Know The Filipina You'e Dealing With

There are different types of Filipino women such as characters, social status, lifestyle, faith and much more. Understand each type to know which one fits you.

Chapter 2: What Are Your Relationship Goals? Marriage or Just A Fling

Here we go over what you really want, is it marriage or a few(or many) flings

Chapter 3: Where to Meet the Filipina of Your Choice

The common places to meet Filipinas are dating sites, bars, workplaces. However, did you know there are other key locations and methods to meet beautiful Filipinas? I've accumulated such spots over the years. Find out in this chapter...

Chapter 4: The Merits and Demerits of Playing An Home Game

Home game as in being in a relationship with a Filipina while living in the Philippines. Did you know that your Filipina girlfriend or wife are more willing to cheat if you and her live in her country? However, if you're living here, you can see for yourself directly whom you are dealing with...

Chapter 5: Is Playing An Away Game Better?

Dating or getting married to a Filipina outside her or your country. If you play an away game, you won’t have to put up with members of her extended family that visit almost daily. But the negative is that she will be engaging in frequent travel back to the Philippines to meet her family members back home. Find out more in chapter 5...

Chapter 6: Important Facts about Filipinas No One Would Tells you

This chapter you'll find out about Filipina that no one wants to talk about. This includes bigamy, unfaithful behavior, drug abuse, elopement, sudden disappearance with your kids or property when you are out of home. How would you prevent this? I'll show you in this chapter

Chapter 7: Golden Advices on Having A Happy Relationship with Your Filipina Lover

One tip is not to look down on their parents. Filipina women are very family oriented. There are 9 more unshared secrets in this chapter will make your girlfriend/wife make your relationship successful...

Chapter 8: When Things Go Wrong, How To Handle Them Like A Pro

Tips for handling relationship crisis with Filipinas: Whether as a girlfriend or a wife crying for a divorce! Nothing in life is certain, but in chapter 8, you'll get the skills to handle the common problems.

BONUS Chapter 9: Are You Up for Grabs—What Kinds of Men Are Filipinas Looking for

Tips for handling relationship crisis with Filipinas: Whether as a girlfriend or a wife crying for a divorce! Nothing in life is certain, but in chapter 8, you'll get the skills to handle the common problems.

Ultimate Guide to Dating/Marrying a Filipina is a digital eBook available for instant download 

About the Author: Tom Dillion

This e-book is a result of years of work and experimentation, backed by the personal experiences.

After 15 years in the Philippines, coaching more than a hundred foreigners I have a lot of life changing information to share.

▸ Me with my wife, happily married for over 7 years .

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Consider These 5 Points Again:

1. Getting played and scam by girls suck. Find out if a Filipina is serious with you and not only after your money.
2. Even if she is serious with you, would she make a good wife. 
3. Dealing with the legal stuff, make sure you have it covered.
4. Easy to read and follow with practical tips.
5. If it doesn't work for you, it's free.


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Ultimate guide to Dating/Marrying a Filipina is a digital eBook available for instant download.