Filipina Bar Girls: The Hot Chicks That Will Make You Go Back To The Philippines

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A number of foreigners boast the beauty of the Philippines, of course including its beautiful Filipino women, hospitable people, delicious food, and white beaches after visiting the country.

However, only a few of them admit that these are not the things that make their stay in the Philippines worthwhile. If you like to know Filipina women more, they’re pretty and gorgeous, but what makes the experience more fun and a bit unforgettable are the Filipina bar girls. These ladies will surely keep you coming back in the Philippines.

Who are Filipina Bar Girls?

As their names suggest, these are the ladies you typically see in bars. They are usually young. In fact, some are just 18 years old or 20 years old. These ladies are not the typical sex worker or prostitute you usually see in movies. They are not the hookers type either.

In fact, some of them just dress normally while others wear revealing outfit. Whenever they get near you or sit beside you, they have this charm of making you feel like you are their first customer.

Filipina bar girls are pretty but they have different backgrounds. Some are educated, so they speak English well. Others went out of school at an early age, they don’t speak English well but they understand and can still express themselves.

Filipina bar girls are mostly experienced. They know how to approach you so you will accommodate her. If they sense that it’s not your first time to hook with women her type, they will treat your as if you are their new best friend. She knows how to play around and she knows how what to do to get her way into you.

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These types of women are good at what they do but they are far different from the prostitutes in America, Europe or Australia who never wish or consider on starting a relationship with one of their customers. Filipina bar girls, on the other hand, are hoping to find their knight in shining armor in one of their customers.

These women have gone through a lot in life. Most of them came from a poor family, were not able to finish their studies and are hoping to find a man who will take them as they are and give them the convenient life they wish.

For most bar girls, their work is a temporary living. They sleep with foreigners until they find one who will make them his queen. They are hoping that their next customer will take them as his girlfriend and probably, wife.

They know that paying for sex is not a good ideas, so instead of asking for a pay for her service, she will probably ask for monetary assistance because her mother is sick and she needs to pay her bills, her dad needs to fix his jeepney so he can make a living or she needs new clothes and phones for her work.

These statements are an indirect way of asking money for her going out with him. However, this sounds sweeter in a foreigner’s ears than hearing her ask money for the sex.

What Happens When You Visit a Girl Bar?

If you haven’t visited a girly bar, this section is for you. When you enter the bar expect to see young and sexy women. When I first set foot on the place, I feel a bit shy because almost all eyes are on me.

Everyone around is pretty and gorgeous, including the bartender. Yes, they will make you feel like a superstar. You will have all the attention that you wish and you will probably love it. So, don ‘t be surprised if all the pretty ladies around you will set their eyes on you.

The next surprising thing is the menu. All local beers like San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light and Red Horse are only 70 pesos per bottle but when you order a glass of draft beer, it has the same price. Next, is the most exciting part.

While waiting for your drink, a sexy local girl will approach you. Typically, she will introduce herself with “Hi, how are you?” Will ask you about your nationality and age. They might ask you, “How old are you” or “How young are you” and “Where are you from?”

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When your drink is served, some bars will ask you to sign an “invoice” just a small paper with the name of your drink along with its price to avoid issues that happened with drunk customers who claimed to have ordered fewer drinks.

She will then introduce herself. After a couple of minutes when you feel comfortable with each other, she will politely request for a lady drink. She will share her life with you, where she came from, give you a glimpse of her family story and even share her experiences in working abroad to find her luck.

You will not struggle to know every detail of her life because she will lay it bare to you. If you ask her if she has a boyfriend, she will likely say, “No” because she is too busy with her family, juggling jobs and more.

Filipina bar girls are charming, entertaining and fun to be with. They are also very bubbly, they know quite well, how to entertain you and still keep that innocence of making you feel that you still want to stay with her.

How To Spot a Filipina Bar Girl?

If you love nightlife and you enjoy disco bars and the likes, in the Philippines, you will probably find a number of bar girls in the said locations. However, you should not also assume that everyone out there is a bar girl because they are not.

Unfortunately, the easiest way to know is to ask her directly. The challenge with this is that you might offend a hot chick if she’s not and it would be impossible to bring her mood throughout the night.

Thus, to help you recognize if a hot chick is a bar girl or not, we created this list. Check out your girl if she does the items below because if the answer is “yes” then, she’s probably one.

1. She wears a sluttish dress – Yes, I understand that most girls in bar wear revealing dresses but a Filipina bar girl gives you a different impression of herself. Their manner of dressing will easily catch your attention. For instance, I meet a woman on a dating site. She’s cute and charming. I asked her if she goes out with men and she said “No.”

I invited her to my place and she showed up after two hours with micro shorts and sports bra. She talks about visiting a bar the other night and showed me some photos of her wearing thongs. She even showed me that she’s wearing one when she came over. She only stayed for less than an hour in my room and I gave her a few pesos when she left.

2. She starts the conversation – There is nothing wrong with talking to strangers, if you are grown up and if you do it in public places like bars, where you are safe because there are many people around. Also, typical Filipino women are conservative, they don’t approach any foreigners to strike a conversation because they are too shy to do so. However, they are friendly when you approach them. It’s a different case with bar girls because they will sit beside you and start a conversation. They are a pro in approaching different men.

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3. She is touchy – When you visit a bar and you rarely know anyone, you don’t really get physical. However, bar girls don’t think that you should shun from touching. She will approach you with confidence, touch your shoulders, hands or chest. Sometimes she will even cuddle with you. She will sit near you, whisper in your ears and get flirty with you. If she does this to you, then she is a bar girl.

4. She has friends that are as loud and as slutty as her – Most Filipina bar girls come with a group of women. Observe her friends and how they dressed. Are there dresses look like they are in the bar to celebrate something special or do they look like they’ve been there the other night, sitting in the same spot and waiting for their next potential customer. Then, if it is the latter, the girl and her friends could be bar girls.

5. She has a tattoo – In the Philippines, most individuals with tattoo are ex-convicts or are involved in drugs, pornography or prostitution. In general, tats are viewed negatively in the country. Also, most girls with ink are those that work in bikini bars. So, if you find a girl with ink, dressed in a sluttish manner, talking and touching you in the bar, chances are high that she is a bar girl.

6. She asks for a drinkConservative Filipino women rarely drink liquor. Some drink and party with friends but rarely with a stranger. Most importantly, they won’t ask anyone they just met with for a drink. However, pro bar girls do this daily and they are not shy to ask you for a drink or more.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Sex With Filipina Bar Girls?

It will only cost you a couple of thousands to have sex with a bar girl. I can’t say a definite price as it also depends on the girl’s attractiveness, how many customers want to be with her and the location.

The average price would be 2,000 pesos but pretty girls might ask for 3,000 pesos. If a girl gets your attention, do not think that she doesn’t like you back if she won’t lower her price. It’s her job and it’s her only source of income.

Is Marrying Filipina Bar Girls Possible?

In the Philippines, women have high regards with themselves, so bar girls are viewed negatively. However, this does not mean that they are. Most ladies who became bar girls only do so out of poverty. It is their last resort.

They feel that it’s the only way they can do to feed their family. While entertaining foreigners, a Filipina bar girl is hoping that the next man she will encounter will take her as girlfriend and eventually marry her.

If you are open to marrying a bar girl, there are always risks of a failed marriage. However, the great thing about Filipina bar girls is that they still make a good wife and they turn their back from their previous work after starting a family of their own.

In fact, in this forum, you will find a number of successful marriage involving a Filipina bar girl. Majority are successful stories and even if marrying a demure and conservative Filipina is preferred, you should not judge bar girls from the Philippines.

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In fact, one shared that he has been married for over three decades to a woman from a bar in Angeles City. He and his friends are convinced that he is lucky with her. She is a good wife, friend, mother, partner, financial controller, and woman. His friend was married with a bar girl too and their marriage is going stronger too.

Between Thai and Filipina bar girls, the latter is more trustworthy and wife material. Many Thai stays in bars or somewhere related to it after moving in the USA. Meanwhile, Filipina bar girls tend to get out all together by engaging in another job that is far different from what they used to do.

According to Abnett, he has a friend who married a Thai bar girl. He took her to England and she found a work in a Thai restaurant. She stayed over in the workplace because she needs to work overtime but he learned later on that she’s out to discos and casinos with her Thai friends. He divorced her and he is now married to a Filipina for five years. Not a Filipina bar girl, though.

Where To Find Filipina Bar Girls?

If you visit the Philippines, you will find them in nightclubs, disco bars, and girly bars. Certain bars and discos are packed with Filipina bar girls. For instance, High Society in Angeles City or J-Ave in Cebu are rich with bar girls. In fact, you can pretty assume that everyone there are bar girls. Aside from these areas, Manila is also popular with go-go bars and bar girls.

Your visit in the Philippines will not be complete without meeting one lass that will convince you how beautiful Filipinas are. Wherever you are, you will likely find a night bar nearby and of course, a gorgeous bar girl there.

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If you wish to know one, you can also find Filipina bar girls on dating sites. Some of them join dating sites in hope of finding their knight in shining armor or to release their kinks and have fun. Some of them are in If you wish to visit the Philippines and find some girls to show you around, you better join this dating site.

These dating sites are easy to use and the girls there are real and responsive. Even if you are not handsome or rich, if you are white, Filipina girls will like you. I and my friends use dating sites to find Filipino girls to get laid in the Philippines and the success rate is about 80%. So do not miss the fun that awaits you in the tropical country.

I suggest that you join online dating sites two weeks before you travel to the Philippines. Start networking with Filipina women and tell them that you are visiting the country. Invite them for a food or drink when you arrive and see who will show up. Most likely, majority of them will show up in your room and make your stay in the Philippines warm and unforgettable.

Do you have experience meeting Filipina bar girls before? Most foreigner men who visit the Philippines go to bars and have different stories to share. Tell us the time you had, we would love to hear from you. Also, if you’re a first time visitor and planning a visit to the Philppines with questions on Filipino bar ladies, just write your thoughts in the section below.



  1. Maam/Sir
    I want to apply as a entertainer/dancer can i give me some details its my first time working here im 19 years old where i find this

  2. hey question… do you know if the bar girls can choose their customers? Do they have to go with a guy if he asks? I ask because I’m “dating” a bar girl and she tells me that she doesn’t go outside with customers anymore because of me. she says it’s her choice to go or not with customers. Is this true?

    • My live in GF is ex-bar girl and I have two other bar girl who live with me in Manila. All my friends are bar girl or mamma/Mgr.

      It depends on the girl. Some will say this and may be honest, but maybe not. I’ve met and known both kinds. Yes it’s possible she only sells drinks now and she won’t bar-fine. Depending on the bar the momma will put pressure on her if the guest likes her. Also the smart girls can talk their way out of any bar-fine with a guest, they have all the excuses.

      Older girls are wiser and no how to prevent being with a guest she don’t want. The girls all learn what they like as far as size, race, etc. they get tired of getting treated like shit by certain races and get tried of getting pounded in the cervix by big dicks so they have their ways to get out of it.

      Follow the money. Reality is girls don’t make much selling drinks. They don’t make much just to show up, so if she needs money then very likely she still bar-fines and hides it.

      My friends that only sell drinks they typically are older and not as pretty as before so it’s hard for them to get the bar-fine. Also they usually have boyfriend in Philippines province and that’s why they are loyal. Most I know tell the foreigner that they only sell drinks, but they still bar-fine and hide it from him, because they need the money.

      The girls I know that are honest 9 times out of ten they don’t sell drinks anymore and don’t goto the bar because they don’t like it there. Mainly because if a regular shows up he will want to bar-fine her and she will have a hard time saying no out of respect to the guest, so it’s better if they just hide from work and not go.

      On the whole I know a few that are honest, but majority lie and feel every reason to lie, especially if you don’t pay her when she’s not working.

      It all depends. Sorry I can’t give you a straight answer.

      • My wife was a compulsory girl in Top Hat 1992/8. All that meant was she was paid an extra 20p a day and she agreed to go with any customer. Mamasan would talk her up to the customers then introduce her and get her barfined. This made money for the bar and for her. It was voluntary and my wife liked it because she had a large extended family to keep.

    • Good question.. I have seen many girls refuse to go with customers.. One thing I saw is if they do not have a good feeling for you, they won’t agree to leave with you.. In the end it is about money, but those young ladies do have a dream of meeting the one who will take them away from all that.. And if they think you may be that one, they will be very loyal..

  3. Married to a Filipina bargirl for fourteen years. Met her as a customer. She hugged me so hard she wouldn’t let go when it was time for me to leave. Fourteen years and two kids later, we are just fine. She was at the bar for over a year before meeting me and was not a cherry girl when she started there. She had been tattooed for a few months but I learned to overlook it so you never know.

    • 31 years, 3 daughters, 5 grandchildren. The best decision I’ve made in my life. She’s a beautiful deva. Spoiled and pampered. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. What a great country to visit the Filipino people are the best. I visit twice a year for a few weeks and I’m always impressed by the upbeat happy personalities. Most work 12 hour days for minimum wage or less, live in small shared apartments with no aircon, refrigerators, or hot showers. Yet they are genuinely happy and a joy to be around. My girlfriend was never a bar girl but it would not matter to me if she was in the least I love her. She is the sweetest most precious human being I have ever met as is her brother and sisters. The family values and the strong work ethic are so apparent there I have found my new home. The bar girls I have met there are so sweet I want to support them all. Please never hesitate to get to know one of these girls. You will admire their courage and respect for their families. Most have come from very poor family backgrounds monetarily but rich in love and devotion. I would choose a Filipino bar girl of a spoiled American girl any day and would know that she would be the most loving wife ever. May God bless the Philippines always and protect so many beautiful human beings they deserve so much more.

  5. well, I’ve been in S.E.Asia many times in the last 10 years. almost married a Thai lady but discovered she was sizing me up to be legally responsible for some 40,000 $ of debts she never told me about….in Thailand the husband is regally responsible for his wife debts..and in Thailand you dont get a letter from the debtors bank or attorney you get a midnight call from the heavies with a baseball bat to break your legs if you dont pay up!.and she wasn’t a bar girl, she was a respectable educated owner of 2 beauty salons in Bangkok!and then in 2014 i met a very sincere and loyal Filipina…she was a hard working laundry girl. Parents were dead and she had a young sister she had to take care of. we were really going place with the relationship and in 2015 we agreed to marry and have a life together…sadly she was killed in a hit and run car accident in Bicol before I got back to the Philippines. And ya ive met some nice bar girls too…maybe when i get back to Manila this year i will find the right one for me…and remember guys…never judge them until you have stood in their shoes and know how life is for them.

    • She’s hiding from you , she might have a filipino husband now. You were just a temp.
      I live there for 27 years . Been lied to by the best. Been scamed more than I care to admit.

  6. They live in a jungle and they can be wild cats, you can take them out of the jungle and show them a new life, but be good to them cause their teeth can be sharp and instincts can return their nature to recall old habbits, they are tough to survive if you fail them, Never blame them for their past, phili is about surviving cause down is really bad there, you ll be the one in the wrong there if you mock them, love and warm their hearts and you will find a loyal love like no other

  7. Your mode of explaining the whole thing in this article is actually fastidious,
    all be able to effortlessly know it, Thanks a lot.


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