Do Filipino Women Make Good Wives? Know More About The Traits of Filipinas

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Filipino women are brought up in an old-fashion way. Their parents taught them to manage the household to prepare them for motherhood. They are good in the kitchen, on weekends they help their moms do the laundry and clean the house.

When their parents are away they are trusted to look after their younger siblings. Philippine women grow up as responsible and as dutiful as their mothers.

So, are Filipinas good wives? Yes, they do. In fact, a number of foreigners travel to the Philippines to find their bride. A number of Westerners yearn to marry a Philippine woman after meeting a friend who is married happily to a Filipina woman.

What’s with the Filipinas that make them the best wife? Here are some reasons why Filipino women make good wives.


#1 She values family.

Every family is an important unit in the society and the Philippines recognize this. In fact, the country has no divorce. They have an annulment but the process is difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

For this reason, Filipinos only marry when they are sure and they do, they value and prioritize their family. Filipinas are brought up with this in mind, so they view marriage as something that she would do once in a lifetime.

She is committed to the man she married and a dutiful mother to her kids. You can trust that she will stay for you and the kids even if things get rough.


#2 She submits to her husband.

One of the features that most foreign men love about Filipinas is there being submissive. Philippine women are brought up in a family where his father has the last say.

She saw how her mother supports and submits to her father and this taught her to do the same to her husband when she has her own family. By being submissive, this does not mean that she will always agree with whatever her husband would say, she might argue, but she will always respect your decision even if it is different from hers.

Being submissive does not also mean that she will do everything in the household, she is not your maid but your partner and wife but you can trust her when it comes to managing your home.

#3 She is good at the household chores.

Most Filipinas grow up in a family without housemaids. They see how their mother does all the task at home from preparing their meals, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, sending the children to school and preparing their father’s stuff when he prepares for his work.

As she grows up, she instantly becomes her mother’s partner in these tasks, so at a young age, she is trained to manage a household. She is ready to fill her mother’s chores when the latter is away or sick.

#4 She is a natural caregiver.

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If you notice, a number of Filipina women work abroad as nurses or caregivers. If they serve other people, you can trust that they will do the same to their family, especially to their husband.

Filipinos take good care of the elderly and children. They are filled with gratitude for the elderly and looking after them is their means of making it up. For the children, they do it because they feel that it is their obligation. Filipinas are very considerate and thoughtful. They always want what’s best for you and they will always prioritize your welfare.

#5 She is good at finances.

Most of the girls in the Philippines are not rich, so they know the value of money. They grow up with very little and they recognize the hard work of their parents for every meal served on the table, so you can expect her to value your possessions too.

In fact, even if Filipinas have money, when they do shopping you will be surprised at how good they are in haggling for a better price. In fact, if you give her a $100, you will be amazed at how many items she can bring from it.

#6 She is very easy to get along with

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If you have friends or relatives that will visit your household, you will never have issues with a Filipina wife. Hospitability is in her blood. She will clean the house and prepare a feast for your visitors. She will even serve them coffee or anything they need.

This is how things work in the Philippines and your visitors will feel this warmth and welcome ambiance in your home, through your Filipina wife. This is probably one of the reasons why White men envy their friends with a Filipina wife after paying him a visit. Of course, who doesn’t want this anyway?

#7 She is religious.

The majority of the Filipinas are Catholic. Their religious practices have taught them to be a devoted Christian, a faithful wife, and a law-abiding citizen. In the country, Catholic priests are against divorce because they want husbands and wives to stick together.

So, if you get a Filipina bride, rest assured that you will have a lawful wife and a dedicated partner. She will raise your children in a Christian culture. They will be morally upright and you will surely be proud of them. More importantly, with God in the middle of your relationship, your marriage will last.

#8 She is not difficult to please

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Filipinas are not materialistic, I am speaking for the majority of Pinays who remain conservative and reserved. They appreciate what little they have. In fact, if she is your girlfriend, a simple dinner and a night walk is already a perfect date for her. She doesn’t measure your love with the amount of material things you provide to her, a simple act of thoughtfulness and kindness is special for her too.

She doesn’t mind if you spend for a bouquet of flowers and chocolates or if you just write a simple letter. You can even order or cook her favorite meal. This will surely bring a smile on her face. Any little act of thoughtfulness will always touch her in a very special way.

#9 She doesn’t measure your worth with your finances.

Many believe that Filipinas marry foreigners because he is rich. However, that is not true. Not all white men are rich and a number of them admit this. Not all Filipinas who married a foreign man lives in luxury even if they live abroad. In fact, a number of Pinays who moved to the United States, U.K. or Canada build their career there after marrying their foreign husband in the Philippines.

They work hard and help their spouse earn a living for their children. These women are tough, they know the ups and downs of life after coming from a working class family. They know that they need to work and they don’t mind toiling for their family, which makes them a good partner.

#10 She sees your worth beyond your physical appearance and age.

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In the Philippines or abroad, you will see a number of young Filipina women marrying foreign men that are even older than their father. Some are even as old or older than their granddads. Yes, for Filipinas, age doesn’t matter and they took this literally by marrying one.

Some can’t comprehend how such a pretty Filipina can still manage to cuddle with someone who is already bald and with a big tummy given her age. As for her, as long as she is secured with his love and he is good at communication, their relationship will work. She knows that relationship is beyond one’s physical appearance and age. So, for older men with young Filipina wife, there is no reason to be insecure because she is aware of your age gap from the moment she married you and she is ready to serve you.

Filipino Women Are The Best Wife in the World

Filipina women are the best wife that you could find all over the world. There being raised in an old-fashion way and their traditional perspective in marriage make them a great partner in making a family. No wonder men from all over the world travel to the Philippines to get a Filipina wife. If you also want a lifetime partner with the aforementioned attributes, look no further and get a Filipina woman.

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Thank you for reading and hopefully you learn something on a question Westerner men always ask when they date Filipino women – do Filipinas make good wives? Do you have comments, reactions, and stories to share in your journey in finding your special someone? Feel free to let us know in our comment section.